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Order Fulfillment Logistics

  • Storage/Inventory Management
  • Equipment Staging and Configuration
  • Equipment Testing
  • Assembly, Kitting, and Packaging
  • Reverse Logistics/RMA Manageme

    Changes in the telecommunications industry are a constant. While historically Endeavor's core business has been that of field service, Endeavor has responded to its customers demand for third party logistics (3PL) as an alternative/complement to professional installations and trouble dispatches. As end-users become more technically savvy, new technologies offer easier implementations, and competitive pressures create the need to deliver solutions with fewer costs, there is a growing need to operate a seamless supply-chain management system that allows the most cost effective means of service delivery.

    Combining inventory management, staging, configuration, testing, assembly, kitting, packaging, and return services, Endeavor can function as your warehouse and shipping department. Endeavor can receive fulfillment orders via a variety of means (API, EDI, email, fax, phone, and mail) and process them same-day. Any number of specialized tasks and packaging requirements can be performed per your needs. Endeavor actively monitors outbound shipments and remedies delivery exceptions to assure your customers receive the best care.

    Within 4 hours of receipt of any materials, all items are provided a unique Endeavor serial identification number, scanned into the Endeavor Service Portal (ESP), and placed in your specific bin location. Endeavor issues monthly reports and provides real-time ESP access so that you may view housed inventory levels, shipping and receiving history, and call-tag statuses. ESP provides real-time unit counts of non-serialized materials (i.e. jacks, cable, connectors) and serialized equipment tracking with materials aging reports for depreciation. ESP also provides movement history within warehouse premise as well as inbound and outbound shipments on all serialized items and packaging histories on non-serialized materials.

    Equipment configuration is important to the success of your implementation, but it takes time. It is more expensive to configure equipment onsite than at a central location. To balance the need for configuration time against the need to minimize cost, Endeavor offers customized product staging and configuration for each implementation. Endeavor technical staff, in collaboration with your internal staff, create the configuration guidelines and templates. As your fulfillment orders arise, Endeavor assures complete accuracy in the configuration of each unit.

    The majority of equipment failures occur immediately or within 24 hours of use. Equipment testing and burn-in is an effective way of curbing the initial end-user frustration and expense of out-of-box and early operation failures. Endeavor technical staff can work with your staff to create a detailed testing procedure for each outbound order and make sure that quality assurance measures and inspections are fully documented for each unit. Additionally, Endeavor can perform burn in tests for a period of 0 to 48+ hours, depending on your requirements.

    Endeavor is able to perform basic in-house assembly as well as customized kitting and packaging. Your fulfillment orders are private-branded to appear as though they are coming directly from your company and are kitted with any marketing and support material you require. Shipping services include ground, freight, expedited, counter-to-counter, and custom courier. Using a sophisticated warehouse management system, Endeavor assures a 99.9% accuracy and on-time shipment rating. All of your order information is available online in real-time via ESP. Using EDI and in-house APIs, Endeavor can provide automated real-time updates about your shipments directly to your operations support system.

    Endeavor can arrange for the generation and distribution of shipping materials and return airbills for the return of equipment. Retrievals can be executed by an Endeavor field engineer (FE) or by your customers. Using ESP, Endeavor will track, audit, and verify all aspects of the RMA process. Endeavor is able to actively call and follow-up with your customers and staff to assure that each return is executed and will follow customized escalation procedures when there are deviations. Endeavor will initiate the RMA with you or your vendor and maintain responsibility over inventory until it is confirmed as received via courier.

    Endeavor offers you the benefits of a sophisticated supply-chain and warehouse management operation without the expense. You pay only for the services you use with complete knowledge of exactly what is going on with your shipments 24x7x365.

    Freedom of Capital

      • Use of Endeavor distribution eliminates the facility expenses required to store equipment.
      • Operations outsourcing reduces fixed operations expenses associated with staffing and operating a warehouse.
      • The Endeavor Service Portal (ESP) extends sophisticated functionality, management, and reporting of logistics operations without the need for you to invest in an expensive warehouse management system.

    Freedom of Risk

      • Stocking at Endeavor eliminates the risk of over running or under utilizing your own facilities.
      • 99.9% accuracy and on-time shipping SLA provides an industry-leading service level impossible to reproduce in house.

    Freedom of Operation

      • The ability to execute shipment orders at any time and access live data without having to staff and maintain your own logistics operation.
      • Freedom Program™ eliminates the need for you to purchase and stock the leading brands of IADs, ATAs, and IP Phones.