October 2012

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This month's edition features a very special spotlight article highlighting one of Endeavor's most valuable resources: the hard working Field Engineer (FE) Partners who are committed to providing best-of-class service to our customers. The article describes some of the exciting efficiency initiatives Endeavor Operations has recently implemented in order to help assure a streamlined and positive experience for FE partners, day in and day out.

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Last month's Company Spotlight article highlighted Endeavor's renewed focus on customer satisfaction and ensuring that creating a positive customer experience is an intrinsic objective within the company's culture. This cultural shift is also sharpening the focus on one of our most valuable assets: Endeavor's hardworking Field Engineers (FEs).

One of the most critical initiatives relative to the FE experience is the implementation of new processes and systemic enhancements intended to permanently eliminate inefficiencies that may have been experienced previously in the field. This starts with making it as easy as possible for FEs to contact Endeavor TAC to relay important information regarding onsite progress. Our efforts have certainly paid off, as FEs have experienced a dramatic reduction in hold times over the last several weeks. In fact, more than 98% of FE calls for log-on and log-off made from site are answered in less than 2 minutes (and often there no hold times at all). Note: The past week has been somewhat off this target due to some bugs with the phone system integration that are being addressed.

Even with a 20% increase of daily order volume since August, Endeavor TAC is experiencing extra staff capacity due to the aforementioned process enhancements. This will ensure that the company has additional labor resources on-hand to handle considerably more volume without the need for additional hires and without impacting the low hold times currently enjoyed by Endeavor FEs. The extra labor capacity is also allowing for the aggressive pursuit of additional efficiency gains for Endeavor FEs.

A major focus for the remainder of 2012 is the retention of high-quality FEs through ongoing efficiency enhancements and by eliminating any strains that may be experienced in the field due to capacity. Endeavor's Field Services team is highly motivated to maintain a team consisting of the “best and brightest” FEs who are committed to our customer-centric approach. This effort involves the onboarding of additional FE resources in high-volume areas, as well as more rural locations that may require excessive travel. The added bandwidth will not only alleviate capacity strains for FEs in busy areas but also reduce costs associated with extensive drive times.

Finally, Endeavor is actively working to provide FEs with more information and resources for increased effectiveness while completing customer dispatches and for their overall professional development. We are in the final testing phases of a new ESP function through which critical information required for the completion of unique dispatch types are captured more thoroughly up front and relayed effectively to FEs via new work order fields. Additionally, new training modules are being added to the Endeavor LMS, the Certification and Resource system, which will provide opportunities for FEs to increase their knowledge base for both specific projects and overarching industry technologies.

We look forward to keeping our FEs updated on additional enhancements that will be implemented over the next few months. In the meantime, we thank all of our diligent Field Engineers for their hard work and dedication.


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Staffer of the Month


Mallory from Atlanta

Mallory, a member of Endeavor's Vendor Management Team, has been chosen as Staffer of the Month for October. Mallory is a dedicated team member, taking on challenging tasks and driving them to successful completion. She is always willing to help wherever she is needed, and her dedication to excellence is apparent on a daily basis. Mallory is originally from St. Simon's Island, Georgia, and she has a BBA in Marketing from Georgia Southern University. When Mallory isn't busy recruiting FEs, she enjoys shopping, travelling, reading, and spending time with her family.

FE of the Month


Juan from Los Angeles

Juan has been an Endeavor Field Engineer for 6 1/2 years in the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Juan is always extremely responsive for scheduling jobs, follows SOP to close dispatches, and focuses on the satisfaction of the end user and customer while onsite. Juan is originally from Mexico, and he served in the Army for 8 years. His Army career included a humanitarian mission to El Salvador following Hurricane Mitch in 1998. In his spare time, Juan enjoys spending time with his family and attending his daughter's volleyball games.

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