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North American Field Services

  • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Installations
  • Inside Wiring (IW) & Demarc Extensions
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) & Network Device Installations
  • Trouble Tickets/Maintenance Dispatches
  • De-installations/Equipment Retrievals
  • Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I) for Central Offices (COs)

    EVERYWHERE - Everywhere that you have customers, Endeavor is able to dispatch field engineers that represent your company competently and professionally.

    ANYWHERE - Endeavor can install equipment, run inside wiring, and resolve site troubles anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Mexico at the very best value.

    Endeavor employs over 350 direct field engineers (FEs) and has thousands of subcontractors throughout North America. Every FE dispatched by Endeavor is equipped with a laptop, comprehensive toolkit, inside wiring (IW) tools, and IW materials. All Endeavor FEs have access to sniffers, T-BERD testers, LAN analyzers, and protocol analyzers for specific requirements.

    Both Endeavor employees and subcontractors are managed by the Endeavor Technical Access Center (TAC), which is manned 24x7x365. The Endeavor TAC is responsible for dispatching FEs, logging FEs on and off site, quality assurance, and fully documenting the activities and results of each dispatch. Your specific dispatch requirements and test-and-acceptance procedures are maintained at the Endeavor TAC, which assures each FE will follow your requirements while onsite. The Endeavor TAC can also offer enhanced acceptance testing to alleviate strain on your call center as well as private label Tier I and II support directly to your customers and engineers.

    At Endeavor, you have a single point-of-contact for the coordination of the service, support, and maintenance of your account. In addition to intensive sales support, Endeavor offers a single contact number for dispatches 24 hours a day and a clear escalation path up to the Vice President Level. The Endeavor Service Portal (ESP) offers real-time web-based information on the activities that occur throughout each dispatch, invoicing, and service statistics.

    Endeavor is priced for profitability- your profitability. By relying heavily on automation, Endeavor is able to keep overhead and superfluous expenditures to a minimum. These efforts reward you by maintaining pricing at fair and competitive Tier 2 & 3 rates that offer you significant margins, if resold, or substantial savings, if internalized.

    Endeavor's field services are private labeled and can be branded by your company, offering a unified image to your customers. Working on your behalf, Endeavor can perform a variety of customer premise equipment (CPE) installations, including the installation of all manner of routers, switches, channel banks, multiplexers, CSU/DSUs, modems, ATAs, and access devices. All Endeavor FEs possess a wide knowledge base for the installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance of most CPE types that support voice and/or data services.

    Endeavor FEs are trained in commercial and residential voice and data inside wiring (IW) and are fully prepared to perform extensive inside wiring (EIW), Category 5 & 6 LAN cabling, and xDSL, ISDN, DDS, T1, T3, and Fiber demarc extensions. Endeavor is a corporate member of BICSI; all field services personnel use National Electric Code (NEC) as the standard for all IW installation and complete any IW in accordance to local and building fire safety codes.

    As a complement to the network services, Endeavor FEs are accomplished in the installation of point-of-sale (POS) equipment and most commonly used network devices.

    Endeavor is available to respond quickly to trouble tickets, maintenance dispatches, de-installations, and equipment retrievals as a means of helping you manage your current customers. Endeavor also offers installation and maintenance services in the central office (CO) environment.

    Endeavor is able to represent your company everywhere in North America where you have customers. The consistent quality and breadth of services provided by Endeavor are priced for your profitability, are centrally managed by the Endeavor TAC, and reported to you in real-time online.

    Freedom of Capital

      • Aggressively priced at tier 2 & 3 rates to assure significant margins, if resold, or substantial savings, if internalized.
      • Elimination of fixed overhead by paying only for the actual dispatches frees capital to grow business.

    Freedom of Risk

      • There is no chance of not being able to service your customer as Endeavor is able to dispatch installation, repair, and inside wiring services anywhere in North America.
      • Strict adherence to mutually agreed upon SLAs guarantees that Endeavor will respond on time and complete the job.
      • Use of a variable field force eliminates the risks associated with the costs of maintaining a fixed direct field force.

    Freedom of Operation

      • Ongoing internal quality assurance, centralized dispatch operations, real-time online reporting of all field operations, and a single point-of-contact for management issues free your time to focus on the growth of your business.